Monday Bird of the Week No.43 – Snow Goose

Snow Goose

The last goose for a while, and it is another introduced feral species. The Snow Goose.

Here at the University of York there is a small population of Snow Geese resident all year round. About thirty birds in total. So I get to see their diversity of markings at close hand.

Snow Geese

In some places in the UK wild snow geese do arrive on occasion, most often in with migratory Pink-Footed and White-Fronted Geese that move from similar Arctic habitats into wintering grounds along the British coast.

A migrating flock may number in the millions as they move from the Norths of Canada down through the Southern states of America and as far South as Mexico. I’m impressed at Martin Mere or Leighton Moss to see tens of thousands of geese flying in, I can only imagine the spectacle of two or three million blotting out the winter sun.

Snow Goose

Despite the pure white image the name conjures, Snow Geese often have black flight feathers and there are variant coloured birds who have almost all grey plumage with only a white head, as you can see in this picture.

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