New Earswick in April and May

At home there has also been plenty of new life to see and hear around the garden. So let’s start with the Long-tailed Tits.This was the highlight of the year beyond question, and it was such a treat to walk out one Sunday morning and hear the clear squeaking from the hedge that told me they had fledged. The fledglings spent the morning in the hedge, before moving off to another location later the same day. I did manage to grab a look at one unbelievably tiny chick, but I’m afraid no photos were taken as they were pretty jumpy and I didn’t want to upset them or their parents.

On the other end of the ‘jumpiness’ spectrum are our Robins. While their parents are the twitchiest Robins I’ve ever encountered, the fledglings are fearless.

At one point I walked out while one was sunbathing, and it barely flinched. Frequently they will sit on the fence and just watch me in the garden, while their mum and dad get increasingly annoyed with their bravado.

Despite the disruption of the house being re-roofed, re-guttered and re-painted, the Wren has continued to make use of the old House Martin nest. Quite what the workmen have made of him, or vice-versa, I do not know. But he barely broke his stride.

The Blackbirds don’t seem to have bred and both the male and female spend most of their time in the garden, where they are also now pretty tame as long as they see you coming.

The skies are slowly livening up with the sounds of House Martins and Swifts now, and that really does make it feel like summer is here.

The combination of weather conditions has created a really lush, verdant feeling in the flower beds and when time allows I will be rooting about in there to see what life lies within.

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