Wren-related dramas

A couple of years back the Wrens used the old House Martin nest, and fledged a brood of wrenlets (made up word). We never saw them fledge, and at the time felt that was pretty ungrateful. That now look like the good old days…

This year has been much more traumatic. At the start of last week we discovered a dead, bald wren chick below the nest. Not fun. Two more dead and bedraggled on Monday morning too.

Happily on Sunday there was much extra squeaking, and it soon became apparent one baby had successfully made it out of the nest to the ground, but was now sitting in the grate under the drainpipe. Not a safe space.

So I had to encourage it out, and it moved itself off amongst the sea of plant pots on our patio. It’s always tempting to panic and try intervene, but that’s more likely to fail and result in a dead bird. So you have to leave it to nature.

For a long time the adults seemed to be ignoring it, but eventually they did start feeding it. It also has a bad habit of sitting openly in the middle of the patio, not exactly safe and secure. When it’s not at the drainpipe, under the outside tap, or even sitting on our doorstep. But it half hops/half flies pretty well, so hopefully it will survive. Still, all very traumatic and stressful.

I suspect it’s slightly early out, but it’s in fairly good condition and pretty feisty, attacking a line of ants.

By the time you read this I’ll be in Paris, but aim to still put my Days 1 and 2 30 Days Wild posts up on schedule. I hope by now you’ve also signed up?

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