30 Days Wild – Day 3 – Garden

Home from Paris to a garden looking verdant and full of life, with the flower bed really starting to spring into full colour glory.

Many of the flowers we have planted are picked to appeal to pollinators such as bees, and sure enough the beds are alive with a range of pitches of buzzing, and the sight of some physics-be-damned bumblebees working hard.

When we left it was all about the wrens, which have clearly now all cleared out of the nest. Whether any survived it’s impossible to say, but there were no more bodies beneath the window which says they at least left alive.

There is a new set of life on the feeders in the shape of around half-a-dozen freshly fledged Blue Tits.

Waiting to be fed

In the morning they were looking to their parents to feed them, but by the afternoon they were all trying to crowd onto the fat cake to simply help themselves.

I make four on there, and all are fledglings.

Later on in 30 Days Wild I’ll take a closer look both on and into the flower bed to examine the insect life that is tucked within.

For Day 4 tomorrow I’m planning on a first visit to New Earswick Nature Reserve since late last year (it’s a long story). Hopefully there will be plenty to see.

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