30 Days Wild – Day 4 – Brick Pit

For the first time in around a year I got to the local private nature reserve – a disused brick pit that contributed significantly to the building of my house. But was there much wildlife?

Well, no, not a lot to be honest. Despite a beautiful sunny morning and an absence of other people the reserve was pretty quiet. The shy squirrel really summing it up.

When I say quiet, I mean in terms of visual spots. In fact the reserve was anything but quiet with noisy gangs of Blue and Great Tits squeaking away, along with loudly singing Blackcap and calling Chiffchaffs. But these were not making themselves apparent. Nor were the Bullfinches, always a feature of the reserve.

More surprising was the appearance of a healthy looking hedgehog snuffling about by the pond. We actually had one in the garden last Sunday for the first time in three years, and we’ve never spotted one in the reserve, so I hope this means they’ve had a good winter and are doing well.

The flooded brick pit is always a good spot for seeing a Kingfisher, and today didn’t disappoint, albeit only in a flash of blue streaking across the water. But they seem to do well here and long may that continue.

The fish were very active, possibly because there were no fishermen in this morning. But possibly because there was plenty of insect life.

Blue-tailed Damselfly and Speckled Wood butterflies were particularly active, the former engaged in a little mating activity over the water.

The surrounding plants and trees are always pretty wild and (in a good way) have an unmanaged feel, despite the weekly efforts of the reserve volunteers. But that means there are plenty of great wild flowers, including Cow Parsley, which I love.

I’ve yet to decide what to do for Day 5 tomorrow, but something will present itself. It’s a hectic week as it’s also York Festival of Ideas and we’re at a number of free talks and events, so time management will be to the fore!

I’ve added a bonus second moment of wildness for Day 4, so please don’t miss it: Painted Lady

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