30 Days Wild – Day 7 – Tip

I was stuck on trains and in meeting rooms most of today, which made wildness hard to find. But a glance out of a window can certainly count.I do try to keep an eye out of the window of the train as the scenery flies past, and even tweet about it under the #trainbirding hashtag.

Today as I approached a tip a little North of London I had my eyes on the skies, and the birds circling the rubbish.

There is a faction of birders obsessed with gulls, different species, at different ages, and in different moults. These people love a good tip as there can be any number of variants about. While I am a big defender of the gull, I’m not in the gull obsessive tip visiting camp.

But as I approached this tip it was clear from the shape of two of the birds that there was something non-gull present. Not a corvid either. I was pretty certain what I was looking at and as I pulled alongside it was confirmed. Two of these beautiful birds.

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