30 Days Wild – Day 8 – Heslington East

The combination of a general election, work, and a lecture on Free Will created a small window for wildness. Fortunately that window existed at the lesser visited Heslington east lake.I post from Heslington West a lot, it’s where I walk on my lunch breaks. But visits to ‘Hes East’ are rarer. Which is a shame as it is a more natural feeling, wilder site. This is reflected in the birds you see.

There was a kestrel circling by the road, and plenty of geese. Our old friend the Black Swan was up there too.

Skimming the water were Martins and Swallows, and on the surface there were Great Crested Grebes, Tufted Ducks and Mallards.

Noisy Oystercatchers were flying about, presumably nesting nearby, possibly even on the rooftops.

The highlight were a couple of Skylarks at a height that placed them out of sight, though never out of mind due to their song.

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