30 Days Wild – Day 16 – Wildflowers

I set out on Day 16 to find Bee Orchids. All I found was bees. Lots of bees.Wild flowers are definitely my big weakness as a naturalist. Critical to any ecosystem, yet I can identify only a handful. So I have been making an effort, and having heard there were bee orchids around the campus, I had to try and find them.

Unfortunately while the wildflower meadows had an abundance of blooms, I never managed to spot the orchids.

But at one point while standing under a tree I did think “Hmm. I can hear a lot of bees…”

Sure enough when I stepped out from under the tree, this was above my head.

No idea how many honey bees are in that swarm, but it was perfectly peaceable.

Actually it was a decent day for insects as I was buzzed later that evening by a big Cockchafer, which obligingly clambered about on my hand for a while. There were mating damselflies on the lakes too.

Wildflowers were the aim of the day though, and so let us end on a few of the specimens I did spot.

Wild Strawberry



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