30 Days Wild – Day 17 – Brown Hare

30 Days Wild is about moments of wildness, be they small or large. I’ve had some pretty good ones over the three years this has run. But Day 17 presented one of my all-time best…As I am writing this, I look at the counter for Day 17. Is that a hare? If it is, it’s incredibly good fortune, and a wonderful universal coincidence. Because today I got closer to a wild Brown Hare than I ever have before.

We’d been up to Heslington East for a Michael Wood lecture, and given how beautiful the day was stayed around for a stroll by the lake. I’m glad we did.

I spotted it at a distance while watching Lapwings mobbing passing crows, and thought I’d wander over and get a closer look, fully expecting it’d bolt as soon as it became clear I was heading for it.

That wasn’t the case though, it just stayed content in the grass. I suspect that’s because Hares, unlike rabbits, have an air of menace and haughty derision, suggesting they think they could beat you if it comes to it.

Unfortunately the encounter didn’t yield great photos as long grass doesn’t make for the clearest shots. But it was great to get so close to such an imperious mammal, walking up to within a few metres before it decided to wander off, even then perfecting an air of nonchalance.

It wasn’t just the Hare, there was plenty going on around the lakes, as this little selection of images shows.

Starling family taking advantage of evening sun, and building work

Lapwing in flight
They were being pretty vocal, and weren’t happy when I crossed the field towards the Hare

Common Terns
They failed their first breeding attempt and are trying again, but both are constantly up chasing gulls off.

Gang of Tufties

Female Pochard and ducklings

Spot the warbler…

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