30 Days Wild – Day 18 – Demoiselle

Days 17 and 18 were dominated by lots of garden work after several weeks without chance to keep on top of things. But there has been a constant presence in the garden.Throughout the weekend there have been male and female demoiselles about. Only a few days ago I was bemoaning how flighty and non-cooperative they are to photograph, but this time I’ve managed to walk up and stick my face an inch from a female, so it was much more productive.

I’ve been non-specific here in saying ‘demoiselle’ as, while I’m 99% certain they are Banded Demoiselle, I had a little ID wobble where I thought they could be Beautiful Demoiselle (Calopteryx splendens). So if someone more knowledgeable chips in in the comments to say I’m wrong, that’s fine. It’d be pretty far North for Calopteryx virgo though.

They are glorious either way though, and the sedum was especially popular as a resting place.

They seemed to like the privet hedge too. In fact they distracted me from the collection of hedge clippings.

Some other garden invertebrates:

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