30 Days Wild – Day 19 – Meadow

There is a small wildflower meadow a minute outside my office, but I never go and walk in it. I’m always drawn to the lake. For Day 19, I changed that.My aim was to see, and photograph, butterflies. The seeing bit was fine, with Ringlet, Meadow Brown and Small Skipper* all fluttering about.

Photographing was rather less successful. In fact, it was a miserable failure with precisely zero images taken. The butterflies wouldn’t stay still. Must have been the sun exciting them.

There’s a little bit of woodland, and that was alive with birds. Families of Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits were very active, and there was clearly a female Blackcap feeding something in the undergrowth too. Bullfinches could also be heard mournfully calling.

Can you spot the bird?

Into the woodland was actually quite a relief from the heat. Fundamentally I’m a cold weather person, 20 degrees is about my comfortable high temperature. So approaching, or exceeding, thirty is not fun.

There were a few young Blackbirds around, but like most things they were staying in shade and cover to avoid detection from any possible predators.

  • I said Small Skipper. It was a Skipper, and probably a Small. But I didn’t get a clear enough view to be 100% certain.
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