30 Days Wild – Day 20 – What is a moment?

I struggle to believe we are already two-thirds of the way through 30 days Wild. I struggle even more to believe it’s nearly midway through 2017.

For Day 20 we get two small but lovely moments to bookend the day.What constitutes ‘a moment’ of wildness? My ‘moment’ with the Brown Hare probably lasted 10-15 minutes. It was still a moment. The first moment of today was much more brief initially, seconds while I bent down in the road to photograph a moth.

Having photographed it I confidently tweeted the image, captioned as a Six-spot Burnet Moth (Zygaena filipendulae). I did this because I only looked at it quickly, I knew the Six-spot, and I made an assumption.

There is a lesson here. Look before you tweet, at least to check your ID. For as the Yorkshire branch of Butterfly Conservation correctly and helpfully suggested, this is in fact a Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet (Zygaena lonicerae). That may sound hard, but that wing has five spots on, not six. So I should have at least narrowed it down to a type of Five-spot.

The second moment of the day came nearer 10pm at night, but was no less welcome. For three years we have been hedgehog-less in the garden. But the other day we finally spotted one again. But only once, and on Sunday we saw a similar sized animal dead on the road. Happily tonight, this emerged from the flowerbed:

As it did the other night, it immediately set about the supply of dried mealworms, much to the consternation of a Robin feeding late.

Not as impressed or happy as I am

It stayed around for a while and eventually started eating off the bird food tray. Although hauling itself onto its back legs to get there didn’t seem very natural, it looked fairly adorable once it made it.

Incidentally, the pink mark on its back isn’t any weird tagging system, it just so happens it went rooting about in the flower bed and came out covered in petals.

Hopefully it will be a regular through the rest of the summer. I will certainly be putting food and water out every evening.

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