30 Days Wild – Day 23 – From the train

It’s easy to think you cannot possibly have moments of wildness from a train. After all, what is there but a carriage, and people? 

But as it all whizzes past an array of habitats flash before your eyes. Meadow, field, forest and hedgerow. Coastal seas and broad rivers. Lakes and ponds and urban sprawl. 

So watching wildlife from the window provides a series of truly random and rapid moments, like a film with most of the cells cut out. Prancing deer are intercut with buzzards scratching for earthworms. 

Fields full of corvids, pigeons and starlings pass. But also glimpses of rabbits and hares. Small flocks of finches. Wheatears and Wagtails. Bunches of waders. 

And if you can glance out to sea, gulls and gannets dance and soar over the grey water. 

So never believe a train means you are stuck with the manmade, the wild moments are all on the other side of the glass. 

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