30 Days Wild – Day 26 – Aberlady Bay

Day 26 is really a second part to Day 25, coming from the first ever Local Nature Reserve, established in 1952. Aberlady Bay.

Aberlady Bay is West of North Berwick heading back towards Edinburgh, and is a mass of Saltmarsh, scrub and meadow awash with wildflowers such as Viper’s Bugloss, and Marsh and Early Purple Orchid.

Such is the nature of nature, plants draw insects and insects draw birds. When we visited it was mainly Ringlet butterflies taking advantage of the bountiful banquet of nectar.

The sky was full of the sound of skylarks, more Eiders were in the bay, and Curlew and Lapwing were both patrolling the tideline.

There were plenty of smaller birds too with Yellowhammer and Whitethroat heard but barely seen, with Reed Buntings typically a little showier.

Mammals were present too. Possibly the highlight of the day was a manic Shrew hurtling round the carpark far too rapidly to be photographed (plus, don’t be fooled by their size, shrews will kill you as soon as look at you…). But the same couldn’t be said for a remarkably calm Roe Deer who was happy to be photographed.

So it was a fleeting visit, but somewhere I must come back to with more time to fully explore the range of habitats on offer.

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