30 Days Wild – Day 28 – Rain 

With the rain continuing to fall I was wondering what I could write about today. Surely not another wildfowl photo?

I had one ready to go:

But watching the geese and the swans and the swallows and the martins on and above the water it occurred to me. Bemoaning the rain was the wrong response. The rain was the blogpost I was looking for.

Because without that rain there’s no wildlife to watch. No moments to be enjoyed.
Water is the basis of all life on Earth. It started there billions of years ago and, even now, there is nothing that can live without some access to water. 

When we teach foodwebs we start with plants. But plants start with water. So when we see the rain we shouldn’t complain about ‘bad weather’. It’s good weather. Essential and life bringing weather. The foundation of not only 30 Days Wild, but 4 billion years wild. 

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