30 Days Wild – Day 30 – Feisty Pochards

I didn’t want it to happen but time, weather and other things have beaten me. So we end not with a bang, but with a whimper…Well, it’s a whimper from me, but not from the Pochards.

Yesterday I posted that there were two females with two ducklings, and I had no way of knowing what that arrangement meant. Today I got an answer. Sort of. For there was a single female with two ducklings. So, obviously, the two yesterday were with one female, and the other female was just keeping them company. Except there was then another female today with a single duckling.

Confusing it may be, but it’s also positive as it means two pairs have bred this year.

The female with one chick has become very tame, possibly too tame. At the sound of the rustle of food packaging she came hurtling towards the bank. The Pochards don’t normally demean themselves in this way. More worryingly in doing so she left her vulnerable duckling alone.

I’m not too worried though as she is pretty feisty. I always assume all diving ducks make a gentle whistling noise, like a Teal. But today I was treated to a rumbling, throaty, deep growl of a noise. More akin to a Great Crested Grebe.

She also will aggressively protect her patch of water from passers-by, even a mallard minding its own business.

And with that we draw 30 Days Wild 2017 to a close. I’ve managed to get a post out for every day, which is good. There have been some real highlights in there too. I hope if you’ve read any of this it’s been of some interest, and I hope your own wild days have been full of delights.

This blog of course carries on regardless, so I will see you in July.

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2 Responses to 30 Days Wild – Day 30 – Feisty Pochards

  1. Emily Scott says:

    Thanks David! I keep seeing rats swimming in the ponds locally which makes me nervous for the poor ducklings.

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