A tail-less tale

We’ve had a lot of young birds in the garden recently, and they can look a little odd sometimes. So at first we thought this wobbly and tail-less blackbird was just such a story…But on closer inspection I’m not so sure. The area around the bill doesn’t look like that of a baby. Also it was wobbling in part because both its wing and leg didn’t seem to be working perfectly. Plus, just look at that missing tail.

Rather than a baby, I suspect this is an adult that had a close encounter with a predator. There are numerous cats that roam round our village, few of which have bells on, which makes them a menace to the bird population. You may recall a goldfinch miracle from last year?

I haven’t seen this bird in a few days. Hopefully that’s because it’s off recovering well, but the chances are the lack of mobility has cost it dearly.

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2 Responses to A tail-less tale

  1. Emily Scott says:

    Poor thing. I have a cat but he has three legs and no teeth, to my knowledge all he’s ever caught is a few mice.

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