Invading armies

Earlier in the year it was the Blue Tits eating us out of house and home. But this week it has been Long-tailed Tits instead.The romantic in me wants to hope these are the same family that fledged last month from the nest in the privet; they may well be. There appear to be two adults and five fledglings, which is tremendous work.

They’ve been hitting the fatcakes hard, rapidly diminishing the supply as you can see.

They’ve also developed a technique that’s only really open to tiny little birds like this. Why bother clinging to the cage when you can just get in it?

The first time I saw this I was worried the bird had got itself trapped, but it soon became clear they were hopping in and out at leisure. That won’t be the case when I put a new feeding block in there. The Blue Tit isn’t impressed with all this.

They seem pretty human-tolerant so I’ll try get some better photos.

The Blackbirds ignore all of it and just get on with stealing food intended for the hedgehog.

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