They grow up so fast, don’t they?

It’s been graduation ceremony week here in York, and that means my peaceful walk around the lake is continuously disrupted by families trying to take photos of their bright young things from every conceivable angle. But there’s a youngster here I do have an interest in…It is of course the Pochard chick. A couple of weeks back I was expressing concern as I didn’t feel mum was really keeping that close an eye on her chick. So has the duckling survived?

Well, yes. Thrived is the word. Look at it now.

Were it not for the fluffy rump and stubby wings you’d be forgiven for mistaking it for an adult. Yet only a fortnight ago it was a yellow-brown duckling.

I am of course making the assumption that this is the same duckling, but given the very tame behaviour of the parent I suspect it is.

It’s not yet fully embracing independence though and still stays quite close to mum most of the time. But it’s certainly looking like a healthy juvenile Pochard.

There are others on the lake, but I can’t yet be clear if they are adults or juveniles. Elsewhere there is still at least one tiny duckling.

Hats off to the female though. The males play little part in the raising of the ducklings, so getting this one to this point has been a one duck job. She deserves a rest.

Not the only little fledgling around either, and I spotted this Robin on the way back to work.

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