Haith’s Caged Suet Feeder

Something a little different today with a product review. I don’t think I’ve done this before, but I was asked and I’m happy to do so.So full disclosure from the start – I was invited by Haith’s if I would write a review if they sent me the product for free. I don’t think that will stop me being honest, but I would hate to hide that from the readers!


So they sent me the feeder, plus a pack of six of their suet cakes – this was well-timed as I was about to run out after the recent influx of tits in the garden.

The delivery arrived promptly and was well packaged so there was little risk of damage.

What’s the feeder like?

It’s a fairly chunky item, but that’s obviously as it’s built to try keep squirrels and other larger animals away.


As you can see, there are smaller holes in the outer mesh to allow birds such as tits in, but to keep out anything much larger. The local Long-tailed Tits won’t blink at that, we’ll see how the rest find it.

Personally I’m not a big fan of the green plastic cladding on this type of product. I find it usually wears pretty quickly and soon ends up looking cheap and tatty as a result, but we’ll see how this does.


I like the little slot for putting the cake in, much easier than having to take it down and take the whole thing apart. It sits on top and a small bar slides across to secure it. As readers know, I don’t have issues with squirrels but I do have magpies. I honestly think they may work out how to open this.


The internal compartment takes two of their standard fat cakes. The suet cakes seemed good to me, a nice solid item that doesn’t crumble the second you take it out of the package (hello Tesco’s suet cakes…) making it impossible to use. Nope. This you just open and drop in, don’t even get your hands dirty.


So, it’s replaced the old smaller feeder now and we’ll see what happens. I’ll post a follow up in a couple of weeks once the birds have given it the real review.

Haith’s also sent me a catalogue, and their prices stack up pretty well against the RSPB. They also work to pretty good standards so if the feed works out well, I may buy from them in the future. There are a couple of things they sell that I’ve been looking for a while.

If you are interested you can visit their website:

Bird Food

Bird Feeders

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