The hidden meaning of Boris’ “nest of singing birds”

A Robin, singing

Recently the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, described the cabinet as “a nest of singing birds” over Brexit. This was dismissed as just a silly Boris phrase, but an understanding of nature perhaps unveils deeper meaning…

For starters, birds in the nest generally don’t sing. The baby birds may call, begging for food, but the parents are silent as singing would draw the attention of predators to the nest. So a flock of birds singing in a nest probably don’t belong there.

Also, what is birdsong? We have touched on this before. Much of the singing birds do is not really as sweet and harmonious as it at first sounds. It’s in reality a cry of territoriality. Proclaiming the space for themselves.

So unpicking this, what do we have?

We have interlopers in the nest, proclaiming territory for themselves despite trying to make it sound like sweet harmony. Those same interlopers are ignoring the cries of the hungry in the process, and inviting all manner of predators to come and claim those vulnerable below them.

On reflection maybe there is no hidden meaning after all…


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1 Response to The hidden meaning of Boris’ “nest of singing birds”

  1. Ha ha, that made me chuckle

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