Big Garden Birdwatch 27-29 January 2018

This weekend is the annual RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, and as always millions of us will be getting up, filling the feeders, and counting the birds.

I’ve been doing this for many years now, and over the life of this blog have been reporting what I see here, along with my predictions in advance.

Numbers for this garden over the past four years

I’m expecting a relatively quiet one this year. The Redpolls have wandered off, and there hasn’t been a sign of a Siskin, so it’s likely to be Goldfinches and Starlings.

I think Starlings may return to their number one spot, though Wood Pigeons could cause a shock as there have been as many as ten some mornings.

A possible surprise winner?

So I think the overall number of species may drop to 7 or 8, but if Goldfinches, Starlings and Wood Pigeons all turn out in numbers then the overall number of individuals could be up on last year.

I’m sure all the usual rules will apply. Birds that are there five minutes beforehand will disappear as soon as I start the clock. Then reappear as soon as you stop. But we will see on Sunday if there are any surprises.

For want of anywhere else to mention this, sad to say it sounds like the Desert Wheatear in Whitby has been had by a predator. Sadly, when birds like this are out of their natural environment, and become very open, this is often the inevitable end. But it was great to have seen him.

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3 Responses to Big Garden Birdwatch 27-29 January 2018

  1. I feel a bit odd “liking” this post – my “like” was for the first part. Sad news about the Desert Wheatear.

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