30 Days Wild – Days 2 and 3 – Starlings and foxes

We’ve had a noisy garden invasion recently as the first set of starling chicks have tipped out into the garden.

They give nobody, certainly not us or their parents, a moment’s peace as they are constantly crying for more food.

They are still learning to be starlings. Some have now started feeding themselves. Others will stand on the food, still begging.

Bath time is another learning experience and they stand on the edge of the bowl watching the adults splash around, maybe dipping in for a drink.

One youngster did yesterday try to have a proper bath, but didn’t want to get his feet wet. So he stood in the water on tip-toes (as all birds nearly always are), waving his feathers around without raising a drop of water. I’m sure it’ll figure it out soon.

When does the day start? I ask as you can interpret it as the point you have slept and woken back up. Or you could be literal and say once you pass midnight, it’s the new day.

For our purposes here I’m opting for the latter, because an exciting discovery has been made. We’ve always known there are foxes around, but rarely see them other than at distance.

But the last two days at around 00:40 we’ve spotted the same male passing by our front garden. He clearly has a route. So Day 3 was confirming this. Another day will be spent staying up to try get a photo.

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2 Responses to 30 Days Wild – Days 2 and 3 – Starlings and foxes

  1. Debbie Smith says:

    I do enjoy watching starling families. I know they are noisy, and argumentative but they have such character. 😀

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