A visiting buzzard

While packing for a short break, I happened to glance up and notice a large shape in a tree across the river. Birders talk about ‘GISS’ (pronounced ‘jizz’), ‘general impression of size and shape’, and this screamed ‘bird of prey’. Sure enough, it was a Common Buzzard.

We see buzzards fly past every now and again, but in five years I cannot recall seeing one sitting in the neighbourhood. What’s more, it actually hung around the trees most of the morning, moving between perches.

The other birds, while keeping an eye on it, weren’t really mobbing it or showing much alarm. It was only on its periodic wing stretches that they really took any action. It gave me a good stare when I came closer, but still didn’t head off.

It was a treat to see, though the light wasn’t conducive to great photos, being cold, grey and gloomy. Still, I hope it’s going to be a frequent winter sight.

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