Morning at North Cave Wetlands

Having had a series of posts from last year, we now get right up-to-date with a post from this week. Though work often takes me great places, I rarely have time to just wander and take photos. So, this year, I’m going to make more of an effort to get out early and give myself an hour where possible first.

Yesterday, with a series of meetings at North Cave Wetlands, I deliberately arrived early to just get some time in the hides at the east of the reserve.

Along the path there were robins, dunnocks, goldfinches, chaffinches and tree sparrows hunting through the undergrowth. There were also some of my favourite winter thrushes, redwings.

They weren’t that close, and were very frantic, so those were as good as pictures got. far less elusive, inevitably, were the local robins. They assume most passers-by are going to feed them, and bob right out under your feet.

But it is a wetland, and it’s the birds on the water we are interested in. At this time of year the water levels are still fairly high and it’s ducks more than waders we see. But early on a morning, most were still waking from their roosts.

Teal awaken



On the lakes in the north it was mainly teal, with some pochard, shelduck, coot, and the odd wigeon and gadwall.

There were also growing numbers of black-headed gull exploring the breeding sites, and some oystercatcher and lapwing too.

To the south on Dryham Ings there were more wigeon to be found.

The interesting thing with this site is that it is still also an active sand and gravel extraction site, and as Breedon’s complete their works they are restoring it back for nature. A further extension should be complete this year, and the reserve will just continue to grow.

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