A project for self-isolation – Part Two

So, yesterday I announced I’d be spending the next few weeks/months working on a long-planned project in the garden. It’s one that’s perfect for this blog, because I’m finally going to put a wildlife pond in. I’m going to then detail this as I go.

The first thing to say is that really, this is the wrong time for this project. Really, you build a pond in late autumn so it has winter to establish and is ready for planting up in spring. That was my plan. But given the circumstances, I’m just going to adapt and use this time.

So I’ve started by thinking about where to position the pond. My long, narrow, almost triangular garden basically slopes down to the house. So logic would dictate that the best place for the pond would be right down near the house. It’s a good general rule to site water features at lower points in your garden.

I don’t want it quite that close, but further away in the existing lawn are two areas that always turn boggy and become pond-like in winter anyway, so I’m picking one of those instead.

You may notice in the picture above some green lines on the lawn. These are ropes I’ve put down to help plan this. There’s a drawing, measured from the central straight green line. Then features are marked out on the lawn to match this. The pond is an oval shape further down towards the veg beds. We can take a closer look.

The pond is about 3 metres by 2 metres. Any water feature is good, but having the biggest that works in your garden makes sense.

Now all this is marked out, I’ll do nothing for at least a week. What I will do is pretend the pond is there. I’ll stare at it out of the window. I’ll walk round it when in the garden. The idea is to see if it feels the right shape, size, and location in the garden.

We’ll come back to this next week and see if we’re ready to move on.

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1 Response to A project for self-isolation – Part Two

  1. Kiran says:

    A project for Self-isolation sounds good. Sometimes one needs to isolate themselves to produce some innovative things for themselves or society! I appreciate your project and hope to see the complete picture in the next upload. I did bring some cutie love birds for my Ann baby. Check out the link https://www.mufasapets.com to see more pets for your home.

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