New Earswick Nature Reserve

As a key principle of self-isolation is that we shouldn’t be travelling too far, and just having this once-a-day outdoor exercise, it means I’m going to spend a lot more time along the local stretch of the river. It also means the local nature reserve is a perfect location, given it’s key-holder access only!

I’ve spoken a lot about the nature reserve before, and there’s not that much to add today. But hopefully if I’m going to be on these regular trips we’ll see lots of different wildlife appear.

There were blackbirds around, blue, great and long-tailed tits, chaffinches, moorhens, and a couple of Canada geese, with a greylag too.

There are always squirrels about, but this grey wasn’t feeling photogenic.

There are signs of spring bursting through, and the smell of wild garlic is growing. Hopefully we can continue to document that in the weeks ahead.

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2 Responses to New Earswick Nature Reserve

  1. huddsbirder says:

    Hi David…nice to see you have a nice area around you for your isolation unfortunately I’m not as fortunate. Looking forward to reading yours….Keep safe

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