New Earswick Nature Reserve, July 2020

At the end of July we had a lovely quiet walk round the local nature reserve. The brick pit pond was alive with big dragonflies, mainly brown and migrant hawkers. The undergrowth was alive with something else.

Every step you took in one area saw dozens of tiny toadlets scattering into cover.

We had quite the debate as to whether they were toadlets or froglets, as there was quite a bit of hopping going on. But the colour and the rough skin, along with the general shape of the eye, makes me think toad. I welcome anyone who wants to argue otherwise!

You had to watch your feet though as they were pretty well camouflaged.

Most were around 10-15mm long, though there were a few smaller than that. There was also one that was much bigger at about 50mm. That one was a definite toad.

They weren’t the only noteworthy spots. There were a few gatekeeper butterflies (easily identified by the double white spot).

There was also this rather fine scorpion fly.

But the amphibians were the stars of the morning.

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