Growing blackbirds and more ice

If you have a garden, a yard with a few pots, or even just a window box, you will be familiar with the “I didn’t plant that” sensation. Today I had an interesting variation on that, in a pot with a heuchera in.

The female blackbird seemed rooted in there.

She was very reluctant to move, and I can only assume the pot was a warmer place to stand.

The male was trying desperately to forage in a frozen bed. I’m not sure why as there was plenty of food available elsewhere.

The pond has again been freezing, but as water has also run in from the surrounding ground, this has created wonderful ridges of ice at the margins.

You can again see the range of ice forms across the whole body of the pond. You can also see it is right up at the top of the pond now too.

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1 Response to Growing blackbirds and more ice

  1. Rosemary Ellis says:

    I’ve also noticed several of my blackbirds apparently rooting for food in snowy soil – and wondered if they were actually ‘drinking’ the snow to get water. I’ve seen them doing this most snowy winters. I have water bowls out and bird baths, but all froze over in a few minutes after I filled them.

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