Birds and cricket

I’m a big cricket fan, enjoy watching it, and used to enjoy playing too. Watching the Sri Lanka – England test this morning, I was reminded how you can combine this with some incidental bird watching.

What made me think about this was spotting this during the coverage.

An egret, but what egret? In the UK we mainly see little egret, which this definitely isn’t. It looks like a great white egret, but then there’s the ridiculously named intermediate egret too. This looks like the great, but is smaller (but bigger than the little, of course).

A bit of research on fine details about the skin behind the eye and the kink in the neck suggest this is a great.

But this set me thinking about how I do tend to try identify the birds I see when watching cricket matches. I’ve seen kites, buzzards, even a tawny owl once.

Playing in English summers was even better as swallows in particular love the insects drawn to the outfield, and really love the way fielders moving about disturb them. I’ve stood in the field before and had cocky swallows swoop right between my legs!

Of course my best recent cricket spot was in non-playing conditions, but another bird enjoying the outfield.

Let’s face it, you don’t get this with football!

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