Albatross! Albatross! Albatross!

The past couple of years, there has been a black-browed albatross that has shown up at Flamborough Head, specifically at RSPB Bempton Cliffs.

So far, I’ve failed to see it. But fate works in funny ways…

I had a meeting in Bempton in mid-August, and as I was there anyway, decided to pop down to the RSPB reserve afterwards. On the morning, the reports were that the bird had re-appeared after a week or so at sea, so could it finally happen?

At Bempton, the RSPB warden confirmed it was around, and suggested heading for the crowd. And sure enough, there it was…

Can you see it? What do you mean “no”?

Yeah, fair to say it wasn’t very obvious. It was at a distance, and tucked down having a siesta behind a rock. But I was looking through a powerful scope, so could see it when it turned its head. Here’s a closer look, highlighting the bird.

You may have to take my word for it, but the orange bill, the shape of that bill, the black eye-stripe, they are all distinctive. Other people have had better views, but I’ve seen an albatross in Yorkshire, which will always be a good thing for me.

Plenty of gannets around still, and I finished the day off by watching them on the updrafts.

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