Moth trapping, August 2021

Over the August bank holiday I had the moth trap out to see if there was much of interest.

There was nothing remarkable in there, but decent numbers of what there was.

As usual, yellow underwings were prominent, and the collection of images below show the variety in this species.

There were also a couple of copper underwings too, a smaller species.

Three species I often see, but never get tired of, are willow beauty, green carpet, and mother-of-pearl.

One I don’t recall seeing this year was the flame shoulder, and there were a couple of them.

Double-square spot hadn’t been in the trap so far this year either, but one did appear this time round.

But my highlight was this dusky thorn, with it’s tremendous comb-like antennae.

It’s never just moths. There are always a number of caddisflies in there, and this time there was this rather pretty enoplognathan spider.

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1 Response to Moth trapping, August 2021

  1. David Craven Snr says:

    Amazing variety of moths never ceases to amaze the different types of moths

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