About the blogger

I’m David Craven. I’m a geologist by training, but spent 15 years working in museums around natural sciences in general, especially public engagement, and latterly working on environmental sustainability too.

I was born in York in 1977, and I moved back in April 2013 after ten years in the North West. I have now started work supporting the professional development of science teachers.

I’ve been watching wildlife since I was a small boy, as I was fortunate enough to have parents that were keen on that sort of thing.

I’m keen on football (York City) and cricket (Yorkshire), but will try keep that out of this blog. I also flirt with trying to run for fun, doing a marathon in 2011 (with another planned for 2014).

If you wish to contact me, you can use the form below:

5 Responses to About the blogger

  1. Jo Haywood says:

    Hi David,
    We’re keen to include a feature about New Earswick Nature Reserve in our next edition but are struggling to find a contact – do you happen to know anyone?
    Jo Haywood
    Yorkshire Life

  2. Steve Hamm says:

    Hi David,

    I’m working on a new nature project (through http://www.swarm.gd) and would love to get your thoughts. Is there an email address I can get you on?

I welcome thoughts, comments and questions, so please feel free to share anything at all. Thanks, David

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