So why watch wildlife? – About the blog

There is a growing disconnect between humans and nature in many ways. While we in the UK are spending over £200m a year attracting birds to our gardens, and shows like Springwatch prove increasingly popular, actual time spent in wild environments, parks, nature reserves etc seems to be declining. Some psychologists have even suggested a term for this, ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’.

In this blog, I’ll mainly talk about my own experiences watching wildlife in the UK and abroad, from weeks spent in remote locations through to the birds in my own garden. But I’ll also talk about conservation, about news relating to the natural world, and about science in general.

I’ll also try and talk you into getting outside with your friends and family, or suggest ways you can do more when out there. I don’t have a ‘philosophy’ as such, but you can get a flavour of my personal views by reading the following posts:

The future of young naturalists

Safety in nature

Why I watch wildlife

I don’t claim to be an expert, there are better people than me out there. I’m a good amateur. That’s not dismissive or false modesty, I know plenty! But that’s not what this blog is about. It’s about enthusiasm for the natural world, and our role within it. An enthusiasm I hope you share, or at least will come to share.

I am, by the way, delighted when people use the comment section to share their own thoughts or ask questions, so feel free.


3 Responses to So why watch wildlife? – About the blog

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  2. James Corner says:

    I’ve just spent a very enjoyable hour reading your blog which I’ve found both entertaining and thought provoking (I’m still mulling over the pros and cons of conservation and preserving species without viable means to reintroduce and haven’t got that sorted in my head yet).

    I’m a follower now and looking forward to what is to come. Thanks for sharing.

I welcome thoughts, comments and questions, so please feel free to share anything at all. Thanks, David

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