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A wander round London, September 2019

Last year I had a couple of days in London, where I ended up walking around 20 miles taking in Barnes, Twickenham, Regent’s Park and St James’ Park. Plus lots of random ground in-between.

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Flamborough Cliffs, May 2019

Back in May, with the second annual Yorkshire Puffin Festival looming large, I needed to get a picture for a quiz. the aim was to have a ‘count the birds’ image that revelled in in the thousands of seabirds that … Continue reading

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Hardcastle Crags, March 2019

I’m going to use the next few blog posts to share a few pictures from various trips last year, none of which I got round to putting up. Very self-indulgent, but then it’s my blog after all!

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Humber train birding

Another regular work journey for me is out to Hull, and because I try to keep my carbon footprint down I’ll often take the train from York. In addition to being environmentally responsible, it offers me the opportunity to try … Continue reading

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A distant barn owl

Flamborough on the Yorkshire coast is one of my most frequent work visits, as it is one of the busiest parts of my professional ‘patch’. This isn’t something I complain about, as it’s a beautiful part of the world, that … Continue reading

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Our latest winter garden resident

We’ve always had sparrowhawks around, and they nest nearby, but this winter one male seems to have become a more regular visitor – in fact he may have contributed to the recent low numbers on the Big Garden Birdwatch!

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Filey and Scarborough, February 2020

After a January plagued with never-ending coughs, colds, and assorted physical issues brought on by attempts to defy the aging process, I decided to start February off with a trip out to Filey.

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2020 – My results

Since moving to this house in 2013, and from the first Big Garden Birdwatch done here in 2014, I’ve often predicted doom and gloom. This year I never got round to the doom and gloom prediction, but it would never … Continue reading

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Withow Gap and an ancient beaver dam

Beavers are steadily returning back to the UK, and that’s absolutely fantastic. The more the merrier. But over the weekend I visited a site that provides evidence of their historic presence in Yorkshire.

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30 Days Wild – Day 5 – Burnby Hall and Gardens

As I had an event to attend at Burnby Hall, I had a quick wander round the gardens to see what wild moments may be round the corner.

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