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Birds and cricket

I’m a big cricket fan, enjoy watching it, and used to enjoy playing too. Watching the Sri Lanka – England test this morning, I was reminded how you can combine this with some incidental bird watching.

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A garden kingfisher

Sadly no photo to accompany this as it was over in seconds, but I was delighted to see a kingfisher in the garden today.

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Winter wildfowl and waders

One area in which I’ve been very fortunate throughout the past year is that my work means I get to drive out to green spaces when most people are locked down. It is a privilege that I’m very aware of. … Continue reading

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What we’ve lost and what we’ve gained

It has been an interesting first couple of weeks at home in 2021. Some birds are notable by their absence, while others have appeared for the first time.

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Growing blackbirds and more ice

If you have a garden, a yard with a few pots, or even just a window box, you will be familiar with the “I didn’t plant that” sensation. Today I had an interesting variation on that, in a pot with … Continue reading

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Last summer’s vulture tourist

Last year, while most of us were locked down and staying local, the UK had at least one dramatic tourist in the form of a bearded vulture. I wrote about the story at the time, in particular the fallacious idea … Continue reading

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Footprints in the ice

The ice on the pond took some snow, then re-froze. This had the effect of preserving some footprints.

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A flying visit from a predator

A very brief first visit of the year from the male sparrowhawk.

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Ice magic

A few days ago, I made a brief post noting that there was a couple of centimetre thick layer of ice across the pond. Since then, there’s been a minor thaw, followed by a re-freeze, which has created some really … Continue reading

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Nature in lockdown

With the country once again plunged into a lockdown, nature will again play a big part in helping us all to cope. What did we learn in Spring 2020?

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