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Wheldrake Ings NNR May 2018

It was a glorious sunny Sunday morning, so I decided to head for Wheldrake Ings National Nature Reserve, in the hopes of being there before most other people. Advertisements

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Yorkshire Puffin Festival 2018

This weekend is the first annual Yorkshire Puffin Festival; a celebration of puffins, and all the other wildlife to be discovered along the Flamborough headland. There will be events on through Saturday, Sunday and Monday and it’ll be well worth … Continue reading

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Thixendale and the Yorkshire Wolds, May 2018

I had a day on the Yorkshire Wolds looking at some excellent conservation projects last week. I didn’t have much chance to take photos, but I wanted to share anyway.

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Sun over Spurn, April 2018

Apologies for the long absence of posts. I’ve had things sat waiting to write but haven’t got round to it. So I’m going to post a few quick ones over the next few days, then I’ll get back to some … Continue reading

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Why Watch Wildlife – The quinquennial review

I was quite surprised to realise today is five years since my first post on this blog. It’s been an interesting journey.

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Monday Bird of the Week No.62 – Pheasant

I debated whether or not to include this one, but it’s such a ubiquitous presence in the British countryside it seemed pointless avoiding it. It’s the pheasant.

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30 Days Wild – Day 4 – Bonus content!

Because why should I be restricted to highlighting one moment a day, of a great moment presents itself?

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Monday Bird of the Week No.42 – Barnacle Goose

Last week we looked at the big and noisy end of the goose world. Today it is something smaller, daintier, prettier, but no less persecuted. The Barnacle Goose.

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Brexit, Henry VIII, and a real threat to our environment

I’ve largely stayed off politics on the blog the past few months but today, a week after the Article 50 notification and the ‘triggering’ of Brexit, it seems timely to raise an ongoing threat to our natural world this poses.

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UN World Wildlife Day – Listen to the young voices – and get them to vote!

UN World Wildlife Day is a relatively new thing, only ratified in 2013, so only now in its fourth year. But as theme, 2017 has picked “Listen to the young voices”, which is something well worth supporting.

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