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An unusual bug, and the value of recording

Wandering my garden on Sunday afternoon, I spied a striking red and black bug on one of the plants. It wasn’t something I recognised, so I grabbed a photo to try identify it. From there, it got exciting… Advertisements

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On late-nesting Great-Crested Grebes

While the Pochards have been a story characterised by their unexpected presence, for the Great-Crested Grebes it has instead been one of disappointing absence. But a few weeks back they reappeared, and since then something really interesting has happened.

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Heslington lake – belated nesting?

Back to Heslington Lake now, and some slightly unusual behaviour I have been observing.

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RSPB Middleton Lakes

Last week we had a trip to RSPB’s Middleton Lakes reserve near Birmingham. It’s a pleasant place to spend some time, but delivered one genuine surprise that defied the birdbooks.

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Olympic Kestrels

If there is a message I have tried to consistently put across through this blog, it is that nature can be seen anywhere and at any time. So it proved on a trip to London for the World Athletics Championships.

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The loneliness of the Black Swan…a story of loss and rejection

While the joys of Spring burst out over much of the campus, for at least one resident it is a pretty sad and lonely time. The widowed Black Swan…

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Monday Bird of the Week No.25 – Jackdaw

Anybody who has followed this blog for a while will know I like a bird that shows intelligence and personality, and that I also like to champion an underdog. Corvids are a group that sections of our society would like … Continue reading

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A calm and quiet blackbird

I grabbed this quick snippet of video on Monday, after investigating some very low yet complex bird sounds. See what you think.

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Bird brains or ‘feathered apes’? Why intelligence matters.

Given I wrote Monday’s blog post on the Wood Pigeon over a month ago, it was a happy coincidence that Twitter today flagged up a fascinating article on bird intelligence. It is a piece that emphasises why this is not … Continue reading

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 – National results and a few thoughts

Yesterday saw a little spike in my blog stats as a whole bunch of people looked at my results for the Big Garden Birdwatch 2016. Apologies to those people as they were obviously searching for detail and analysis from the … Continue reading

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