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Christmas decorations for the natural scientist

This may end up being a feature of one article only, but I still wanted to write it. Every year I tweet about ‘the Christmas Eurypterid’ and just assume followers know what that means. Given my followers, that’s probably true. … Continue reading

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The dinosaurs didn’t see their extinction coming… what’s our excuse?

When I was younger I used to think about dinosaurs a lot. I’d think about how they lived and interacted, what they might have looked like, all the usual things. But I also used to wonder about extinction. Did they … Continue reading

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In praise of the British coast

Apparently visits to the British coast have declined by 20% across ten years, from 62% of people visiting the coast at least once in year in 2005, down to just 42% now. I find this really depressing. The coast of … Continue reading

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Science and the Movies

A few weeks back I went to see Jurassic World. This isn’t a film review blog, so it wasn’t something I was planning on discussing. But I’ve read and listened to quite a few discussions around the representation of science … Continue reading

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