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Visiting chiffchaff and resident Long-tailed Tits

It’s an exciting time in the garden right now, with signs of Spring everywhere…

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Wild About Gardens 2017 – Go wild for bees

In October I wrote about an excellent new campaign called Wild About Gardens, and how they were encouraging us to garden for the benefit of wildlife. Rather confusingly, it’s back for 2017, but now a year-round campaign rather than a … Continue reading

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World Wetlands Day 2017 – Disaster Risk Reduction

Today is World Wetlands Day, an annual event run by the Ramsar Convention for the past twenty years to recognise the importance of wetland habitats. For 2017 the focus is on the value of these habitats to humanity, so I’m … Continue reading

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Climate change, habitat loss, and adaptation in birds and insects

A recent study has been looking at the way animals adapt to a changing climate, and it presents a mixed picture of gains and losses.

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My highlights of 2016 – Part 2

We resume the rundown here, and even cheat just a little bit…

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My highlights of 2016 – Part 1

This is massively self-indulgent, so I hope you will forgive me. Feel free to ignore in fact. But these are my favourite ten photos that I took last year.

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Christmas decorations for the natural scientist

This may end up being a feature of one article only, but I still wanted to write it. Every year I tweet about ‘the Christmas Eurypterid’ and just assume followers know what that means. Given my followers, that’s probably true. … Continue reading

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The dinosaurs didn’t see their extinction coming… what’s our excuse?

When I was younger I used to think about dinosaurs a lot. I’d think about how they lived and interacted, what they might have looked like, all the usual things. But I also used to wonder about extinction. Did they … Continue reading

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Get Wild About Gardens

The total acreage of UK gardens exceeds that of all the nature reserves combined. So just imagine if all 15 million were managed to give a bit of assistance to struggling wildlife. That’s the idea behind Wild About Gardens.

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Are we getting an invasion of deadly, killer Asian Hornets?

As you read this, chances are the headlines will have already started. The first Asian Hornet has arrived in the UK and there are legitimate and not-so-legitimate reasons to be concerned about that.

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