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New Earswick Nature Reserve

As a key principle of self-isolation is that we shouldn’t be travelling too far, and just having this once-a-day outdoor exercise, it means I’m going to spend a lot more time along the local stretch of the river. It also … Continue reading

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Spring at last?

It finally has begun to feel like Spring is here, possibly even a gallop into almost summer-like temperatures. That means a lot of action in the garden from the birds and the bees. And the bee-flies.

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2018 – A bumper year

If you read my preview of the Big Garden Birdwatch, you will know I suggested this year may see a drop in species number, but a rise in overall individuals. How did that prediction shape up?

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A stroll around Strensall Common

With another random day off work in-hand, I decided to take a wander round Strensall Common. What I remembered of Strensall Common is that it’s always good for a Green Woodpecker and some butterflies. What I forgot is that, because … Continue reading

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A butterfly bonanza

With a few days off work last week, it was great to spend some time around the garden, the river, and the local nature reserve. I’ve mentioned the damselflies already, but I wanted to touch on the butterflies too. All … Continue reading

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Damselflies in New Earswick Nature Reserve

A hot and sunny Thursday prompted a trip to New Earswick Nature Reserve. I haven’t managed the weekly visits I’d originally intended, but even when I’ve not been posting here I’ve ensured I visit once or twice a month. This … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild – Day 7 – A riverside ramble, and a surprising spot

For today’s moment of wildness, I opted to take a walk North along the Foss to Huntington Church, then back through the local wood. After the Mayflies yesterday, it was the turn of damselflies to take centre stage, specifically some … Continue reading

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Drama in nature – Blackbirds in Danger

Watching wildlife can produce moments of remarkable drama, be it rutting Red Deer stags, or Golden Eagles fighting in the skies above the Great Glen, or predator and prey locked in a deadly battle. But you don’t have to travel … Continue reading

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New Earswick Nature Reserve – Windmill, Water Pump, and an Offensive Smell

I posted last week about the history of the site, and how it used to be a brick pit. There’s little sign of this industrial history now, but there is one feature remaining: This is actually the footing of a … Continue reading

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New Earswick Nature Reserve 1 February

Taking advantage of a cold but clear day, I headed down the reserve hoping to again spot the elusive Kingfisher. However, the pond remains under ice, though it is receding and thinning. What’s interesting is that the slushy surface of … Continue reading

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