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An unusual bug, and the value of recording

Wandering my garden on Sunday afternoon, I spied a striking red and black bug on one of the plants. It wasn’t something I recognised, so I grabbed a photo to try identify it. From there, it got exciting… Advertisements

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Visiting chiffchaff and resident Long-tailed Tits

It’s an exciting time in the garden right now, with signs of Spring everywhere…

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Where are our garden birds/songbirds?

“Where have all our garden birds gone?” I’ve noticed this question appear in the letters page of our local paper a bit this summer, and it has felt like a quiet one. So what’s happening? As always with wildlife, the … Continue reading

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2016 – National results and a few thoughts

Yesterday saw a little spike in my blog stats as a whole bunch of people looked at my results for the Big Garden Birdwatch 2016. Apologies to those people as they were obviously searching for detail and analysis from the … Continue reading

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Is it Spring yet?

Is it Spring yet? It’s never a straightforward question. Meteorologists broadly break the year up into four seasons, and Spring occupies the months of March-May. So on that basis, today is the first day of Spring. Another way of measuring … Continue reading

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Video – Pied Wagtails making their presence felt

We often talk about ‘birdwatching’, but this isn’t the only way to spot birds. This year I’ve been on a bit of mission talking about listening as much as looking, and I’ve had another great illustration of that this week. … Continue reading

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Migratory holding patterns and an undead goldfinch

While interesting things are happening where migration is monitored around the coast, locally at least we seem to be in a holding pattern. The garden remains full of goldfinches, with good numbers of Great, Blue and Coal Tits about too. … Continue reading

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Is it Autumn yet? – Signs of the season

When is Autumn? I’m starting to notice changes around me. When I wake for work, it’s still quite dark out. When I get home, it’s not long before the sun is setting. Does this mean it’s Autumn? Meteorologists divide the … Continue reading

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In praise of the British coast

Apparently visits to the British coast have declined by 20% across ten years, from 62% of people visiting the coast at least once in year in 2005, down to just 42% now. I find this really depressing. The coast of … Continue reading

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A butterfly bonanza

With a few days off work last week, it was great to spend some time around the garden, the river, and the local nature reserve. I’ve mentioned the damselflies already, but I wanted to touch on the butterflies too. All … Continue reading

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