Avian Keratin Disorder

It’s possible that some of you noticed that one of the blue tits in yesterday’s post had an unusually long beak. That’s because, presumably, it is suffering from Avian Keratin Disorder. Continue reading

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2019 – Feast to famine

Normally I post predictions in the run up to the Big Garden Birdwatch, which I’ve not done at all this year. The prediction would have been very simple though – record lows. And so it has proved. Continue reading

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Snow Buntings at Filey

With a small but doggedly persistent group of Snow Buntings occupying Carr Naze above Filey Brigg, the last weekend before returning to work seemed perfect for a trip to the coast. The hope with any such trip is that the birds will still be there. Continue reading

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Water of Leith

I started 2019 with a 4 mile walk along the Water of Leith. It was quiet, but good for waking up after a late night. Continue reading

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Night Herons in Amsterdam

It’s become common in zoos in the UK to see wild animals adapt to readily available food sources. In Amsterdam another species adds to the list. Continue reading

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A visiting buzzard

While packing for a short break, I happened to glance up and notice a large shape in a tree across the river. Birders talk about ‘GISS’ (pronounced ‘jizz’), ‘general impression of size and shape’, and this screamed ‘bird of prey’. Sure enough, it was a Common Buzzard. Continue reading

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Sunday Starling Service

At the moment the most numerous birds in the garden are Goldfinches, Wood Pigeons, and Starlings. I’ve noticed something interesting with the latter. Continue reading

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Thornwick Bay Oystercatchers

I’ve been spending a bit of time in Flamborough recently, but with little time to really enjoy the wildlife. So, with a spare half hour yesterday, I thought I’d see what was around Thornwick Bay. Continue reading

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Whitby Harbour, October 2018

A day out may not involve wildlife-watching, not as a specific goal. But that doesn’t mean treats cannot be found, especially with once-wild species increasingly urbanised. Continue reading

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An unusual bug, and the value of recording

Wandering my garden on Sunday afternoon, I spied a striking red and black bug on one of the plants. It wasn’t something I recognised, so I grabbed a photo to try identify it. From there, it got exciting… Continue reading

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