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Birds and cricket

I’m a big cricket fan, enjoy watching it, and used to enjoy playing too. Watching the Sri Lanka – England test this morning, I was reminded how you can combine this with some incidental bird watching.

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What we’ve lost and what we’ve gained

It has been an interesting first couple of weeks at home in 2021. Some birds are notable by their absence, while others have appeared for the first time.

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Nature in lockdown

With the country once again plunged into a lockdown, nature will again play a big part in helping us all to cope. What did we learn in Spring 2020?

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The first visitor

Getting back to York on Saturday at about 1pm, I was curious what the first bird I’d see would be.

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Feasting finches

Looked out the dining room window this morning and was delighted to see 20-30 goldfinches in the hornbeam and birch feasting on the seedheads.

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Chaddesden Park, New Year’s Day 2021

I’ve been down in Derby over Christmas (entirely adherent to all appropriate rules) and have had my daily exercise in the local park and woodland.

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Sparrowhawk and starling

It’s brilliant that starlings do well where I live, and as annoying as their constant calling can be, it’s great that I get to see so many. But every now and again, I’m reminded they are part of a broader … Continue reading

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A distant barn owl

Flamborough on the Yorkshire coast is one of my most frequent work visits, as it is one of the busiest parts of my professional ‘patch’. This isn’t something I complain about, as it’s a beautiful part of the world, that … Continue reading

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Lindisfarne and Alnmouth, April 2019

  We recently took an Easter break up the coast in Northumberland, visiting Warkworth, Alnmouth, Bamburgh, Belford, and finishing on Lindisfarne. Though the weather wasn’t as good as it had been a few days earlier, it was still great to … Continue reading

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Avian Keratin Disorder

It’s possible that some of you noticed that one of the blue tits in yesterday’s post had an unusually long beak. That’s because, presumably, it is suffering from Avian Keratin Disorder.

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