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Monday Bird of the Week No.37 – Chiffchaff

Once you know certain birds, you start to realise they are more common than you realise. Sound plays a big part of that, and this week’s star is a bird that, once you know it’s call, you will hear everywhere. … Continue reading

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A snippet of a singing Robin (video)

Out walking the other lunchtime I came across a Robin singing from the top of a hedge. He seemed untroubled by my presence, far more bothered by another robin singing from a nearby tree. So I thought I’d video him.

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A calm and quiet blackbird

I grabbed this quick snippet of video on Monday, after investigating some very low yet complex bird sounds. See what you think.

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The sights and sounds of an English wood, New Earswick May 2016

Yesterday I featured a video on the sounds of the woodland. Today I want to delve into what sort of things were filling that wood with sound.

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Video – Pied Wagtails making their presence felt

We often talk about ‘birdwatching’, but this isn’t the only way to spot birds. This year I’ve been on a bit of mission talking about listening as much as looking, and I’ve had another great illustration of that this week. … Continue reading

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Listen! Do you want to know a secret…

Yesterday I talked a little about the world of noise going on in the times we think of as ‘quiet’, with quiet defined purely as ‘no human-made noise’. But what is all this extra noise for? “Why do birds sing?” … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild – Day 9 – Tales from the riverbank

Ratty peered out from her riverbank home across a moving river on a summer’s evening. She kept homes on both the East and West side of the river, for practicality, not out of any desire to be thought of as … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild – Day 5 – A snippet of evensong

One thing I’m planning to do for 30 Days Wild is get up around 5:30-6:00am and record the dawn chorus. But this evening I remembered it’s not just dawn when you get great birdsong. You also get blackbirds own evensongs … Continue reading

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