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The ballet of (frozen) Swan Lake

Yesterday we looked at how the birds of the lake were getting on 8th December. Today we return just three days later to a very different, much colder, picture. Advertisements

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Heslington Lake, early December

Having had a busy Christmas and New Year, I thought I’d share a couple of quick posts of photos I took last month. First up are a few from the lake at work, pre-freeze.

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Monday Bird of the Week No.52 – Kittiwake

A change of pace today. After a couple of widespread species I thought we’d look at a few more specialist species. Starting with a coastal specialist, the pretty little Kittiwake.

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“Gullgate” – What really needs culling?

*Sorry, this started as a brief response and expanded into a long read. So if you make it to the end and agree, I’ll appreciate sharing through social media etc. In defence of gulls You have probably seen a lot … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild – Day 12 – Common and endangered

It’s easy to assume that if we see a bird a lot, it cannot be endangered. Birds like House Sparrow and Starling are still fairly populous and easily seen, yet their decline in population size actually places them in danger. … Continue reading

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