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Sunday Starling Service

At the moment the most numerous birds in the garden are Goldfinches, Wood Pigeons, and Starlings. I’ve noticed something interesting with the latter. Advertisements

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Great Crested Grebes – Fighting back

Last week I said I was concerned as the grebe chick was getting mobbed badly by the gulls, and this put it at risk. This week, it has started fighting back.

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RSPB Middleton Lakes

Last week we had a trip to RSPB’s Middleton Lakes reserve near Birmingham. It’s a pleasant place to spend some time, but delivered one genuine surprise that defied the birdbooks.

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UN World Wildlife Day – Listen to the young voices – and get them to vote!

UN World Wildlife Day is a relatively new thing, only ratified in 2013, so only now in its fourth year. But as theme, 2017 has picked “Listen to the young voices”, which is something well worth supporting.

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Monday Bird of the Week No.31 – Wren

Some birds skulk about. Some grab your attention through showy plumage. But today’s featured bird, though often hidden in the undergrowth, still manages to make itself apparent, by grabbing you by the ears and delivering a loud blast. It’s the … Continue reading

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Is the time right for a Natural History GCSE?

There has been an interesting idea circulating on Twitter this week. It has been started by the brilliant Mary Colwell, somebody I happen to have huge respect and admiration for. It’s not a new idea, but it remains an interesting … Continue reading

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Christmas decorations for the natural scientist

This may end up being a feature of one article only, but I still wanted to write it. Every year I tweet about ‘the Christmas Eurypterid’ and just assume followers know what that means. Given my followers, that’s probably true. … Continue reading

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Kilnsea Wetlands Nature Reserve

It’d be easy to miss Kilnsea and the other assorted sites that fringe Spurn, focusing just on that dramatic peninsula. But we popped in on our way back from Spurn last week, to discover mainly sleepy waders.

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But is it art?

This uprooted tree, seen from beneath, has a sculptural beauty. But is it art?

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30 Days Wild – Day 24 – North Cave Wetlands

With a day to myself after the horrors of the EU referendum, I decided on a trip to North Cave Wetlands, a site I’ve often passed and never yet visited. It didn’t disappoint, and yielded some of my favourite photos I’ve … Continue reading

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