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On late-nesting Great-Crested Grebes

While the Pochards have been a story characterised by their unexpected presence, for the Great-Crested Grebes it has instead been one of disappointing absence. But a few weeks back they reappeared, and since then something really interesting has happened. Advertisements

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Heslington lake – belated nesting?

Back to Heslington Lake now, and some slightly unusual behaviour I have been observing.

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Monday Bird of the Week No.52 – Kittiwake

A change of pace today. After a couple of widespread species I thought we’d look at a few more specialist species. Starting with a coastal specialist, the pretty little Kittiwake.

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The loneliness of the Black Swan…a story of loss and rejection

While the joys of Spring burst out over much of the campus, for at least one resident it is a pretty sad and lonely time. The widowed Black Swan…

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Winter hangs on as spring arrives in the garden

It’s an interesting time in the garden at the moment. The winter visitors are hanging on, in fact at a peak recently, while the year-round residents are starting to move into Spring attitudes, including one very exciting development…

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The return of the Grebes

While the freezing over of the university lake largely drove off the Goosander, it has been compensated with the return of the Great-crested Grebes.

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