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The spread of buzzards

We’ve been fortunate since last year to have a pair of buzzards resident somewhere locally, which means they often go drifting over the house. Advertisements

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A visiting buzzard

While packing for a short break, I happened to glance up and notice a large shape in a tree across the river. Birders talk about ‘GISS’ (pronounced ‘jizz’), ‘general impression of size and shape’, and this screamed ‘bird of prey’. … Continue reading

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Big Garden Birdwatch 2018 – A bumper year

If you read my preview of the Big Garden Birdwatch, you will know I suggested this year may see a drop in species number, but a rise in overall individuals. How did that prediction shape up?

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New Year in New Earswick

Returning home after a couple of weeks away, one of my questions was always going to be “what’s in the garden?”. We usually get an influx of wintering finches in January, just in time for the Big Garden Birdwatch, so … Continue reading

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The local patch in December

The garden has been pretty busy, but broadly speaking it seems to be pretty quiet round New Earswick and up the river.

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The sights and sounds of an English wood, New Earswick May 2016

Yesterday I featured a video on the sounds of the woodland. Today I want to delve into what sort of things were filling that wood with sound.

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New Earswick Nature Reserve – Windmill, Water Pump, and an Offensive Smell

I posted last week about the history of the site, and how it used to be a brick pit. There’s little sign of this industrial history now, but there is one feature remaining: This is actually the footing of a … Continue reading

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New Earswick Nature Reserve 1 February

Taking advantage of a cold but clear day, I headed down the reserve hoping to again spot the elusive Kingfisher. However, the pond remains under ice, though it is receding and thinning. What’s interesting is that the slushy surface of … Continue reading

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New Earswick Nature Reserve – A brief history

New Earswick was founded in 1902 by the Rowntrees, the same family now remembered for their chocolate factory. Like the Cadbury’s at Bourneville, Salt at Saltaire, and Lever at Port Sunlight, they had a social conscience that led to founding … Continue reading

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Another frozen day at the nature reserve

New Earswick Nature Reserve 18/01/2014 10:30-12:30 Another chilly day at the local site, and the pond was entirely frozen over. Not that this presented an obstacle to the gulls, who simply stood on the surface: Although they were soon mugged … Continue reading

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