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Heslington Lake – The last hurrah

A slightly belated post, as a combination of sickness and getting to grips with my new job has meant I’ve not wanted to sit and start writing. But now, a week late, I can reflect on my last week of … Continue reading

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Attenborough Nature Reserve, December 2017

Back in May I visited Attenborough Nature Reserve and bemoaned the fact I’d forgotten my camera. Over Christmas I visited again to see how things change into winter. Unsurprisingly, the answer was “ducks, lots of ducks”.

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Pochards and Grebes

After last week’s update on the grebes it’s worth mentioning the ongoing positive story of the Pochards.

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Heslington lake – belated nesting?

Back to Heslington Lake now, and some slightly unusual behaviour I have been observing.

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A Pochard update

After making them Bird of the Week I had a few messages asking how the agoraphobic Pochard was doing. So I went and checked on it.

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Monday Bird of the Week No.56 – Pochard

When planning this set of posts out I had no idea this particular bird would become such a feature of my summer. I expected to draw on one or two distant shots I’d taken in the past. Instead, it’s been … Continue reading

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They grow up so fast, don’t they?

It’s been graduation ceremony week here in York, and that means my peaceful walk around the lake is continuously disrupted by families trying to take photos of their bright young things from every conceivable angle. But there’s a youngster here … Continue reading

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30 Days Wild – Day 30 – Feisty Pochards

I didn’t want it to happen but time, weather and other things have beaten me. So we end not with a bang, but with a whimper…

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30 Days Wild – Day 29 – The end is nigh…

There’s an unfortunate sense of the month petering out at the moment with the weather minimising chances for anything special to close it out.

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Spring marches in around Heslington Lake

I wrote about the black swan last week, but that is by no means the only story that’s unfolded over the past few weeks. Sudden surges, spring migrants, winter passers-by, and plenty of song. It has been busy.

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