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The hidden meaning of Boris’ “nest of singing birds”

Recently the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, described the cabinet as “a nest of singing birds” over Brexit. This was dismissed as just a silly Boris phrase, but an understanding of nature perhaps unveils deeper meaning… Advertisements

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Monday Bird of the Week No.62 – Pheasant

I debated whether or not to include this one, but it’s such a ubiquitous presence in the British countryside it seemed pointless avoiding it. It’s the pheasant.

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UN World Wildlife Day – Listen to the young voices – and get them to vote!

UN World Wildlife Day is a relatively new thing, only ratified in 2013, so only now in its fourth year. But as theme, 2017 has picked “Listen to the young voices”, which is something well worth supporting.

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Climate change, habitat loss, and adaptation in birds and insects

A recent study has been looking at the way animals adapt to a changing climate, and it presents a mixed picture of gains and losses.

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UPDATED – The latest government-led threats to UK nature

In May last year, a report concluded that the UK was one of the worst countries in the EU when it came to protecting wildlife sites. I missed this at the time, but it came up again recently in light … Continue reading

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